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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter
Harmonized System Codes: 2101

Business Message Xiongda international logistics Marine export according to the customer's authorization, deal with all the business before and after the export of goods;Review all kinds of lists and approval documents provided by customers;To prepare various documents;Booking space and customs declaration;Certificate of origin, insurance policy and certificate of commodity inspection;Import declaration, tax payment, unpacking/transshipment, and delivery in the United States;Handle the agent business in the United States and so on. Always put the customer's needs in the first place, to provide more sophisticated and comprehensive shipping LCL services.
Shipping LCL service process
01 Order
02 Booking
03 Do box
04 Customs declaration
05 Confirmation of bill of lading
06 Paid
07 Sign the bill
08 Return customs declaration
09 Port of destination bill of lading
10 Customs declaration and delivery
LCL advantage of bulk cargo by sea
All over the world with a straight point and a dense and stable shipping schedule
Transparent quotation system and fair port of destination charging standard
Has the modernized cooperation warehouse in the important port
Provide 24 - hour online goods tracking inquiry serviceDiscount Freight Shipping
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